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Limestone Movers is an Austin-based moving company.

And we mean it. We embody the Austin spirit by being down-to-earth, professional, and easy to work with.

Hi, I’m Matthew. I started moving during my time going to school at UT Austin. I was moving to help pay for school, and I figured out pretty quickly that the moving industry was shady and deserved its bad reputation. While working for other moving companies across the city, I saw a lot of people being blindsided on billing, frustrated by the way their claims were handled, and disappointed in the quality of service they received. None of this sat right with me, and I decided to take what I learned to improve the moving industry. In the summer of 2020 after graduating from college, I filed for an LLC, and I decided to give the moving industry a shot.

I had no money so I started moving people using rented U-Haul trucks and equipment that I bought for around $200. I made some business cards and flyers for about $25. I pitched my little business at every apartment complex, furniture store, and storage facility in town. After about a month of pitching, I started to get my first clients.

Moving is a pretty big hassle for most people, so I tried to show every customer how much I cared about making their moving experience as smooth as possible. I think it showed, because, soon enough, the referrals started rolling in. In the Spring of 2021, I was able to buy my first two moving trucks— used 17’ box trucks from U-Haul. As I began to have a sizable number of employees, I tried to instill the same care and concern for the quality of the move in everyone who worked for Limestone. From our scheduling team to the movers to our mechanic, everyone at Limestone takes pride in their work and values the business of each and every customer. We really have an amazing team here, and I hope you’ll get the pleasure of working with Esteban, Joel, Zane or myself on your next move!

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